‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho Summary 10 sentences

Andalusian shepherd, Santiago, seeks treasure in recurring dreams near Egypt's pyramids.

Driven by his "Personal Legend" (life's purpose), he leaves his flock and journeys to Tangier.

When Santiago arrives in Tangier, a thief robs him, forcing him to find work with a local crystal merchant. The conservative and kindly merchant teaches Santiago several lessons, and Santiago encourages the merchant to take risks with his business.

Santiago decides to cash in his earnings and continue pursuing his Personal Legend: to find treasure at the pyramids. He joins a caravan crossing the Sahara desert toward Egypt and meets an Englishman who is studying to become an alchemist.

Attacked by warriors, Santiago saves an oasis by predicting an attack, gaining the alchemist's guidance.

Reaching Egypt, captured by tribal warriors, he reveals his dream, leading him to buried treasure within.

The treasure isn't gold, but his journey's wisdom, realizing his Personal Legend was always near his starting point.

Returning to Spain, Santiago reunites with his love, fulfilling his true treasure: living his legend.

The Alchemist reminds us to embrace personal journeys, omens, and the Soul of the World to find hidden treasures within ourselves.


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