Summary of The Great Gatsby in 10 Lines 

– Nick Carraway arrives in Long Island in 1922, renting a small house next door to the enigmatic Jay Gatsby, who throws extravagant parties but remains elusive.

– Through Gatsby, Nick enters the opulent world of his cousin Daisy and her arrogant husband, Tom Buchanan, representing the old established wealth.

– Gatsby's lavish lifestyle masks a shady past and the burning desire to reclaim Daisy, his love from before the war.

– Nick learns that Gatsby had known Daisy years ago, they fell in love, but he was too poor to marry her. Gatsby believes his wealth can now win her back.

– Gatsby orchestrates a reunion with Daisy and their affair rekindles. However, their past cannot be simply rewritten.

– A tragic accident, fueled by jealousy and misplaced blame, shatters Gatsby's dream and leads to his death.

– Gatsby's story embodies the disillusionment of the American Dream in the wake of post-war disillusionment and societal upheaval.

– His relentless pursuit of a lost love and materialistic aspirations ultimately leads to tragedy, highlighting the hollowness of wealth and unattainable ideals.

– Nick, disillusioned by the moral decay and superficiality he witnesses, leaves Long Island, carrying the burden of Gatsby's story and a newfound understanding of the fragility of dreams.


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